NRA Endorses Jeff Landry for Louisiana Governor

Second Amendment

BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) – The nation’s largest gun lobby has backed a candidate in the race for governor, marking further consolidation of traditionally Republican forces in this year’s election.

Jeff Landry received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Tuesday, noting Landry’s “unwavering commitment to expanding and fiercely guarding the Second Amendment rights.”

More from their endorsement:

Moreover, in an era where calls for gun control have been loud, Attorney General Landry’s refusal to bend to anti-gun sentiments demonstrates his belief in effective and constitutionally grounded solutions to the issues of violent crime.

Gun rights supporters and NRA members in Louisiana can find the endorsement information on the NRA-PVF’s official website at They are encouraged to spread the word and support a candidate who has proven time and again to prioritize the rights of Louisiana’s gun owners and sportsmen.

“Jeff Landry’s record speaks for itself. We believe that as governor, he will continue to protect our Second Amendment rights and fight against those who seek to diminish our freedoms. Louisiana deserves a leader who will stand strong against those who aim to undermine our freedoms,” added [NRA Political Victory Fund Chairman Randy] Kozuch.


Landry has received several major endorsements, the most controversial of which was an endorsement from the Louisiana Republican Party in late 2022 – an endorsement that was made before other candidates had even entered the race.

Landry is the frontrunner in the current race, with most polling showing him far ahead of Democrat Shawn Wilson. The others in the race – Republicans John Schroder, Stephen Waguespack, Sharon Hewitt, and Richard Nelson, as well as independent Hunter Lundy – are trailing in the single digits in virtually every poll.

In a head-to-head match-up, according to the most recent poll, Landry beats Wilson 54-36. In a primary match-up, Landry has 36 percent to Wilson’s 26 percent. All remaining candidates polled at 7 percent or lower.

Landry was absent from a debate between the major candidates last week, and yesterday it was revealed that he will not be attending a candidate forum at LSU this week.

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