The Hypocrisy of the Hunter Biden Hustle

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Greetings, everyone, from the beautiful Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego. I am writing this missive while looking out over the marina on a cloudy morning. I am here for a conference on creating more awareness and solutions for the issue of fatherlessness in America. 

While I was flying out, I was considering the recent news about the indictments on several federal gun charges for one Hunter Biden. I immediately thought about the ’70s song by Van McCoy called “The Hustle.” If Special Prosecutor David Weiss and the entire Biden crime syndicate think the American people will fall for this hustle, they are gravely mistaken. I think we can all see through the fac

ade of this delusional charade, and if not, let’s delve into it. 

First of all, why are we just now getting to an indictment on a felony crime that was committed in 2018? That means the statute of limitations will soon run out. I have served on the Board of the NRA, am currently Chairman of the Second Amendment Institute, and a Life Member of several 2nd Amendment advocacy organizations. I am very familiar with BATF Form 4473. Lying on that form is an immediate federal felony crime with a minimum sentence of five years. Anyone filling out this form is made aware of that penalty, on the spot. 

This silly excuse by the Hunter Biden legal buffoons that there was no harm done, well then, anyone that has been found guilty and is serving, or has served, a prison sentence, should file a lawsuit and say, there was no harm done. Hunter’s lawyers believe that you can lie on this form as long as you do not commit a crime with the weapon. Lying on the form is in and of itself a crime.

How interesting and ironic that Mr. Gun Control, Joe Biden, now has a son who is guilty of three felony federal gun charges. 

What is also interesting, and hypocritical, is that Hunter is charged with lying to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). It is those same FFLs who are being prosecuted and having their licenses revoked by Biden’s out-of-control ATF agency for clerical mistakes on Form 4473

Not only that, Joe Biden recently handed down an executive order on a simple firearm accessory called a “pistol brace,” just a piece of plastic enabling better control and handling of a certain design weapon. In a blink of an eye, Biden sought to turn millions of legal and law-abiding gun owners into felons . . . and now his son faces felony gun charges.

How funny, at a time when Hunter Biden is charged with three felony gun charges, the deranged Governor of New Mexico is trying to undermine the constitutional right to keep and bear arms of legal, law-abiding citizens. Let’s all be honest, this leftist hustle to protect the Biden crime family is a really bad performance of Kabuki theater. Not to mention, how can Biden claim to be for “gun control” when he released one of the world’s most notorious gun dealers in exchange for a WNBA basketball player. Yeah, you just can’t make this up.

The real hustle in all of this is the proposed distraction for which no one is falling.

Hunter Biden was going to enter a guilty plea when he felt he was getting a sweetheart plea deal. That included his charges of tax evasion. If Weiss believes that we will fall for this Kansas City Shuffle move, he is grossly mistaken. These felony gun charges – upon which they will try to run the clock out – are minuscule in comparison to the tax evasion issues because those can easily lead back to the “Big Guy.” Furthermore, we all know that ol’ Joe, who maintains that his son did nothing wrong, will probably pardon that rascal.  

David Weiss and the lawless Biden DOJ under Merrick Garland are running a weak doggone hustle on the American people. This poor attempt to save face failed as soon as it was announced. Hunter Biden must be charged with felony tax evasion. Again, consider the hypocrisy of Joe Biden demanding we “pay our fair share.” Well, your boy didn’t for some six years. Hunter Biden is a millstone about the neck of Joe Biden, who has willingly kept him close and involved, it appears, in formal government business, just as Joe Biden appears to have been involved in Hunter’s illicit business dealings. This little hustle that the Biden crime family has had going on for years is coming to an end. Sadly, we cannot say the same about the Clinton crime syndicate.

Going into 2024, the progressive socialists cannot afford Biden, and his albatross, to be at the top of the ticket. Having said that, one has to wonder, why is California Governor Gavin Newsom heading to China? Perhaps to assuage concerns of Xi Jinping that his bought and paid president may not be running? 

All of this reminds me of a quote from Sir Walter Scott’s play “Marmion.” “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

When you try to run a hustle on folks, it does eventually collapse on you. This is not just the case for the Biden crime family, but it is also the case with the progressive socialist leftists who are trying to hustle the American people out of their individual rights, freedoms, and liberties. The last folks who tried that, well, that hustle didn’t work out so well for the British, and history does have a way of repeating itself. “Don’t Hustle Me.”

Steadfast and Loyal.

LTC Allen West is the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union and ACRU Action Fund.  

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