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Second Amendment

Starting with a governor who said, “On the first day in office, I will be slitting throats.” How with barbaric statements like this, the constant name calling and the obvious lying, can he call himself a Christian? Pathetic! Why can people say they are protecting our youth from obscene language by pulling books off school and library shelves that only are visible when you search them out to read, when people are forced while driving or walking around to see flags, signs and bumper stickers using the “F” word. Hypocritical!

Instead of blaming the president for high gas prices, why not ask Kushner, who got his $50 million job managing the $2 billion Saudi hedge fund from his work in the White House. Ask the Saudis to consider the effect these high prices have on our economy? Yes, his commission is an estimate right now but maybe a House Committee can look into this?

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