Video Appears To Show Alleged Concealed Carry Holder Engaging In Gunfight With Home Invaders

Concealed Carry

A man was reportedly ambushed at the front door of his Californian residence Sunday night and engaged in a gunfight with the would-be home invaders.

A man named Tim Kennedy on Instagram appeared to identify the man, who is allegedly a concealed carry holder, as Vince, his training mate.

Vince came from the Bronx and had been returning “home from the gym” when the incident occurred, according to Kennedy.

“They [the intruders] followed him to the door, both armed with guns in California trying to wait for the opportunity to Ambush him at his front door so they could get inside or his wife and family were. He threw his hot beverage at them, draw his gun, and fight for his life,” Kennedy noted.

The National Rifle Association shared a video of the purported incident, from cameras located at the front door and another area of Vince’s home.

The video appears to show an intruder ambushing Vince at gunpoint with a possible accomplice who is barely in the view of the surveillance footage.

Californian self defense laws allow the use of deadly force if there is a reasonable belief of serious injury or death without the need to retreat first, the Shouse California Law Group noted. Additionally, California operates under the Castle Doctrine, which permits the use of deadly force against those who break into one’s house.

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