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Second Amendment

Raise understanding

There have been many complaints about lack of objectivity in televised news reports, but newspapers can be just as bad, which makes it refreshing to read columnists who are trying to promote education rather than market a favored opinion. Both George Will and Paul Krugman successfully educate as do David Brooks and others. We need more attempts to toe the line when it comes to slants in storytelling to generate increased understanding of complex issues and ways to solve problems. Nothing is simple or easy.

Where are the good leaders who know how to bring people together to sift chaff from grain? Who has the vision and fortitude to know when to and not to flex? And who has the moral fiber that the rest of us can stake our lives on when they lead?

As a last thought, those of you who really value the Natural State for its precious wildlife and natural resources must stay alert and informed as others look to make money on the same. Stay involved.


Little Rock

Congress must act

It’s not that we don’t have gun-control laws in this country, it’s that we don’t have enough sane gun-control laws.

One law that comes to mind restricts the number of shells your gun can hold when you are duck hunting. This reduces the likelihood of going over the limit in the heat of the moment. Another law prevents the use of lead shot when hunting waterfowl. This keeps lead out of the food chain. We also have a law that makes it illegal to possess a shotgun with a barrel that’s less than 18 inches long–the proverbial “sawed-off” shotgun. This is because such a short barrel creates a shot pattern that’s excessively wide and extremely dangerous. All of these laws make sense and as far as I know have never caused a massive outcry of a Second Amendment violation.

I enjoy shooting sports and I embrace the logic of gun possession for security, but it’s insane to me that we allow the sale and possession of guns that are far more dangerous to society than sawed-off shotguns. The cost of allowing military-style assault weapons to be possessed in this country has become way too apparent.

Our nation has a long history of accepting laws that protect our Second Amendment rights and take into account public safety. The time has come for Congress to act. We need laws that will protect human beings as much as we protect waterfowl. We need to elect officials who have more concern for the public good than for their rating with the NRA.


Little Rock

Solve some problems

I am nothing if not a thinking man early in the morning. I just finished reading your fine paper and couldn’t help think up a solution for two problems you reported: the alarming amount of bovine emissions produced by my beloved cows and these rascally killer whales sinking innocent boats.

Let’s just thin out all these whales, from the massive blue whales to the ship-hating orcas, and their millions of tons of methane gas, in a carbon-exchange-type deal, for our uninterrupted supply of ribeye steaks. I would even throw in putting down all those polar bears none of us will ever see in exchange for Daisy and her dairy sisters providing my glass of milk each night with my piece of pecan/puhkon pie.

I will try to solve a couple more problems tomorrow.


Horseshoe Bend

Punish perpetrators

I am a lifelong Democrat. I grew up in New York (ironically, in the district now represented by George Santos) where for most of the city, it’s almost a given that residents are registered Democrats. With that in mind, I disagree on policy with Steve Womack most of the time. He is, however, a good legislator who knows the workings of Congress and uses them to serve his district. He is a principled man. Thus it was discouraging to see that when he voted against installing Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan as speaker, he and his staff received a barrage of insulting and attacking phone calls, as well as some threats to their safety, even unto death. Then, when he voted to expel George Santos, he was on the receiving end of a personal attack from the disgraced congressman.

This is unconscionable. Bad enough Womack should be on the receiving end of such vitriol, but to attack his staff is beyond the pale. Anyone who would verbally abuse them should be completely ashamed, if that is indeed possible. Anyone making physical threats needs to be prosecuted, pure and simple. I hope the relevant authorities are following up on these threats, and the perpetrators will be suitably punished. No one should have to put up with death threats for doing his or her job.

On an unrelated issue, in the piece in the Nov. 4 issue, “Slow and steady,” the authors make much of the drop in the top income tax rate. This is all well and good; all of us would like to see our taxes get lower. But they ignore the fact that taxes went down permanently for those making upwards of $87,000 annually, while everyone else got a one-time $150 break. If a permanent tax break is good for the high earners, it’s good for everyone. If Arkansas is running up billion-dollar surpluses on a routine basis, taxes are too high. Everyone should be sharing in a reduced tax burden, not just the well-off.


Siloam Springs

In way of leadership

I find it difficult to believe I’m the only person who finds our choices to be sub-par. Who decides those that are served up for public consumption? Sad commentary.


Little Rock

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