California Father Who Defended Family by Opening Fire on Home Intruders Has Gun Permit Revoked

Second Amendment

A Los Angeles homeowner who got into a shootout with masked intruders at his home said his concealed carry permit was taken away.

The attempted home invasion on Nov. 4 was caught on camera.

Vince Ricci had just returned home from the gym when a man with a gun hopped over a wall at the home and ran up behind him as tried to get his keys out at the front door.

The gunman grabbed his arm but Ricci dropped a coffee cup in his hand and pulled out his gun, surveillance video shows.

Vince RicciNRA/YouTube

The assailant and an accomplice are seen running off as Ricci fired several gunshots.

Ricci’s wife, young daughter and a nanny were in the home at the time of the attack and he called the shooting a clear case of self-defense.


“After successfully defending my home and my family and my 5-month-old child, California has now decided to suspend my Second Amendment,” Ricci said in a video released by the National Rifle Association on Friday.

Vince Ricci poses with his wife and 5-month-old baby.
Vince Ricci poses with his wife and 5-month-old baby.NRA

Later in the video, Ricci said the state had “temporarily suspended” his concealed carry permit.

“This is an attempt to make me vulnerable,” Ricci claimed.

Ricci told Fox News that the sheriff’s office “revoked” his concealed carry permit because they said he yelled at Los Angeles police officers who had gone to his home days after the incident.

The sheriff’s office did not respond to a request for comment, Fox News reported.

The Bronx native ended the video saying he is a proud member of the NRA.

There were 2,780 armed robberies involving a gun reported in Los Angeles last year – nearly 400 more than in 2021, Crosstown, a local news outlet, reported. The jump continued an upward trend of reported firearms-related crime incidents seen since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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