New GOP ad touts Kyrsten Sinema’s liberal credentials in effort to split Dem vote in AZ

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Republicans are looking to prop up Independent — and former Democrat — incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in an effort to split the Democratic Party vote and boost GOP candidate Kari Lake’s chances in the Arizona Senate race next year, Politico reported.

The party is reportedly worried that Sinema seems able to attract twice the number of Republican voters in a three-way race as Democrats, so members of the National Republican Senatorial Committee have launched a new digital ad that touts her liberal beliefs while attacking likely Democratic nominee Ruben Gallego.

As Politico points out, the ad highlights Simema’s policy similarities with President Joe Biden while ignoring the policies that she opposed Biden on. At the same time, it slams Gallego and points out he divorced his wife just weeks before she gave birth to their first child, calling him a “deadbeat dad.”

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“The attack is risky — a Marine veteran of the Iraq War, Gallego has long been forthright about his struggles with PTSD and ‘survivor’s guilt,’ which he blamed in his memoir for the unraveling of his first marriage,” Politico’s report stated.

The ad aims to target a base of Sinema supporters who see her as an aisle-crosser. It also aims to reach Republicans who have been alienated by far-right, election denying candidates like Kari Lake.

Sinema has not yet announced a run, though Republicans are preparing as if she is.

Read the full report at Politico.

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