Month: January 2022

Tomorrow, the House Police & Fire Committee will hear House Bill 2769 House Floor Amendment No. 4, to waste taxpayer money to promote “microstamping” on firearms. Please file witness slips against HB 2769 HFA 4. The hearing will be held by video conference. Click here for information on filing witness slips or participating in the hearing.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is currently accepting public comment for its proposed hunting guidelines for the Fall 2023 through Spring 2028 seasons. Unsurprisingly, anti-hunting extremists​ are using this opportunity to ask the Department to arbitrarily restrict or eliminate hunting of black bears, mountain lions, and bobcats. The Department’s proposed guidelines have no such bans
From the outset in the 1990s, “Patriot” militia groups have claimed a constitutional birthright from the Second Amendment’s language regarding the necessity of “a well-regulated militia”—and when pressed on how they are “well-regulated,” contend that their regular practices and drilling comprise all the regulation required by the Constitution.  This argument has been broadly accepted by
SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — The first lawsuit against the City of San Jose was filed less than 24 hours after the city approved a controversial ordinance. The new rule requires gun owners to have liability insurance and pay an annual fee. RELATED: San Jose becomes 1st in US to require gun liability insurance, city
Yesterday, the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee passed Senate Bill 115 1st Substitute, introduced last week by Senator Chris Wilson and Representative Cory Maloy. SB 115 enhances Utah’s existing firearm preemption statute by providing a mechanism to ensure compliance. Firearm preemption occupies the field of firearm laws and regulations with the state, preventing localities from enacting their own gun
Your Second Amendment rights are under attack in Washington state. This week, the Washington House and Senate could consider and pass seven different anti-gun measures that could lead to the most restrictive gun laws in the country, and your lawmakers need to hear from you now!  Please contact your State Senator and Representative, and ask them to OPPOSE
The Pennsylvania Senate posted a strong pro-Second Amendment vote early Tuesday evening when they gave final approval to HB 979 on a vote of 32 to 17.  The bipartisan vote total is almost veto-proof. HB 979 is legislation that will strengthen Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption statute and further prevent local governments from adopting their own gun control
The younger Cooper worked as an attorney before he sought elected office in 1982 campaigning for the sprawling 4th District, which included rural communities to the south and east of Nashville. He decisively won the primary before beating Republican Cissy Baker, the daughter of Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, 66-34 in a closely watched race.
Last Thursday, January 20, the Judiciary Committee held its first hearing to consider Constitutional Carry legislation, Legislative Bill 773.  NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters submitted more than twice the amount of written testimony in support of the legislation than those who opposed it.  While the first hearing was a success, the fight to preserve our
In 1995, when Ryan Busse began working for a tiny gun company called Kimber America, he believed that the gun industry and the NRA embodied wholesome values. “Those were still the days of magazine covers featuring the warmth of father-son hunting trips,” he writes in his new book, “Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that
Last weekend, when four hostages were taken at Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, countless people remained transfixed on their televisions and computers, awaiting the outcome. Fortunately, the hostages were able to free themselves. After they had managed to escape, law enforcement moved in, and the attacker, who was armed with at least one
House Bill 1462, to ensure law-abiding citizens may carry firearms for self-defense on public transit, has been referred to the House General Laws Committee. Please contact committee members and ask them to SCHEDULE HB 1462 for a hearing and to SUPPORT it. House Bill 1462 removes the prohibition on law-abiding citizens carrying firearms for self-defense on public transit
Tomorrow, the House Judiciary-Criminal Committee will hear a number of anti-gun bills. Please file witness slips against House Bills 2541, 3144, 3661, and 4296. The hearing will be held by video conference. Click here for information on filing witness slips or participating in the hearing. In addition, you may click the button below to contact
We all knew who the finger-pointers and tattletales were in junior high school. A disproportionate number of them, it seems, now populate America’s anti-gun lobby. The oft-rebranded gun control organization currently calling itself Brady United Against Gun Violence (Brady) launched a website this week called The Gun Store Transparency Project. This site is the result
Rep. Chris Stewart and Fox News contributor Liz Peek discuss the supply chain crisis and COVID testing on ‘The Evening Edit.’  Gun rights advocates are praising a federal court ruling that deemed Los Angeles County’s move to close gun stores at the start of the pandemic was unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S.