The TOR Micro Laser Steiner eOptics now offers two new pistol-aiming lasers– the TOR Micro and TOR Mini. These rail-mounted lasers specifically designed for pistols and small enough to fit inside the majority of all commercially produced holsters on the market. The TOR Micro Laser mounted. Both the TOR Mini and TOR Micro feature rugged
Kahr’s CT380 gets an updated grip and a new Cerakote finish, making a great carry gun even better. Justin Moon has a habit of being in the right place at the right time. In the 1980s he was working for a company manufacturing precision CNC machining equipment, technology that completely changed manufacturing processes (including firearms
by Jeff Chudwin The Colt Cobra As a young police officer, my introduction to the short-barrel, double-action revolver came when a salty field training officer bent down and pulled up his pant leg, revealing a blue steel revolver strapped in a black holster over his white sock. “Kid, get yourself a snub .38 as a
The Kahr S9 Okay, a philosophical question: Is there such a thing as an everyday carry pistol that is too small, too light and too easy to shoot? The last one, absolutely not. But the other two, now they are matters of opinion. I feel it is possible to get an everyday carry pistol that
SIG Sauer P220 Hunter 10mm Auto Earlier this year we needed a 10mm pistol to use on “Handguns & Defensive Weapons” television, and I turned to SIG Sauer’s P220 Hunter, a 2015 addition to the company’s stable of P220 variants. Unlike the rest of its stablemates, the P220 Hunter is a single-action-only semiautomatic. As the
Springfield’s Range Officer Elite Compact 9mm is one gun that can do it all. For a long time the 1911 universe was pretty easy: You bought or built a full-featured, full-size pistol for competition. Then you bought a plain-Jane beater for daily carry. The competition gun was tricked out with all the features. It was
Colt Detective Special My Detective Special has been with me since I bought it in 1974. It’s an old friend, and I have carried it on many occasions. This six-shot snubnose revolver has been a popular backup gun for law enforcement ever since it was introduced in 1927. The Detective Special underwent a number of
Ruger SR1911 Target When I was coming up through the ranks in competitive target shooting, the .38 Special in a souped-up double-action revolver was the norm. High sights, a bull barrel and a holster that looked like it came out of “Star Wars” were the equipment of the day, and, yes, this combo actually brought
Keeping your firearm close at hand. As the number of concealed-carry permits issued in this country continues to grow, so does the demand for subcompact semiauto pistols. These lightweight guns, usually chambered in .380 ACP, are easy to conceal and can effectively stop an attacker at close range when paired with modern defensive ammunition. One
Rock Island Armory 9mm/.22 TCM Combo Two things I know about the state of firearms in America: 1911s chambered in 9mm are currently very popular; and lots of people like owning unusual guns, something no one else at the range has. Rock Island Armory checks off both those boxes with its 9mm/.22 TCM combo packs.
Ed Brown’s new compact combines an Officer’s frame with a Commander slide to create an ideal carry 9mm 1911. Ever wonder what type of car Matt Kenseth drives to the grocery store or which restaurant Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck choose to meet for a business lunch? Perhaps you’d be interested to take a peek
In one-handed retention fire, the elbow goes high and the thumb is indexed against the nipple. Shots will go low, potentially hitting an assailant’s pelvis. The best way to hit what you’re aiming at with a handgun is to peer through the sights and smoothly press the trigger rearward until the shot breaks. The farther
Ruger’s GP 100 .44 Special is right at home in the Predator Pancake from Wright Leather Works. A stiffening strap at the top ensures the holster stays open. Like most of you, I’ve got my fair  share of holsters. None of them is fancy. The Predator Pancake that Wright Leatherworks sent me for review isn’t
The Colt Police Positive Target .22 is one of the most well-balanced rimfire revolvers you’ll ever shoot. Some of the features we take for granted today were true innovations in their day. Colt’s Police Positive was quite a revolver when introduced, one that gave all others stiff competition because it incorporated a positive internal hammer block that allowed six cartridges
When your pistol malfunctions during a range session, do you stop and look at it, dumbfounded? Do you set your pistol down and raise your hand for assistance because you aren’t sure how to remedy the problem? These are common reactions for a new shooter, but if you’re going to carry a pistol or keep
Smith & Wesson has been experimenting with frame size in revolvers for more than a century, and the results have not always been positive. In 1935, the company unveiled the new .357 Magnum in its beefy N-frame wheelgun, which was large enough and strong enough to handle the .357’s prodigious power. It was also so
Brand new from Springfield Armory is what the company is calling the “Hammer,” otherwise known as the XD-E. In short the XD-E could be described as a hammer-fired version (the “E” stands for external hammer) of Springfield’s popular striker-fired XD-S compact. But that’s not completely accurate—or the full story. Before I get into the reasons
In 1868, the British—who subscribed to the theory that a slow-moving and heavy bullet provided good stopping power—brought out their first double-action handgun chambered for the .450 Adams. The Adams served until 1880 when the revolver and round were replaced by the .455 Mark I cartridge and the Webley revolver. (The Adams round, which is
In August 2016, Kim Woodman was charged by a sow brown bear on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska and subsequently killed the animal with five shots from his sidearm. Such events invariably start conversations and debates, but much of this discussion revolving around this particular incident had to do with the caliber of Woodman’s weapon:
Verbal skills tend to come in handy during an armed encounter. As a police officer, I’ve used the “gift of gab” to great effect on a number of occasions, but verbal skills aren’t just for cops. Saying the right thing at the right time—and with the right delivery—can prompt a would-be assailant to back down.
In my opinion, the CZ P-07 and P-09 pistols haven’t gotten the kind of attention they deserve. Maybe it’s because American consumers aren’t as familiar with the name CZ as they are with some of its competitors. Or maybe it’s because the P-07/P-09 pistols are “old school” double-action/single-action, hammer-fired semiautos. The American gun-buying public and
The aggressive slide serrations separate the Beretta from the pack, and the gun features sturdy steel sights—which is good because the protruding firing pin block will make red dot mounting difficult. One of the worst-kept secrets in the firearms world in the past few years has been the Beretta APX. Word of it leaked more
By Eve Flanigan Too many women approach shopping for a firearm the same way they shop for shoes—based on looks. Unfortunately, using that standard alone can result in disappointment. A gun that’s a poor fit is no fun to shoot. Often for women, and occasionally for men, finding a handgun that fits well can prove
We train with our handguns for personal protection at close range. The history of violent incidents tells the story that these are most often arm’s length to across-the-street events. With little to no warning of the threat, we have to be ready to respond, and the handgun will likely be the means to do so.
There’s no way to tell how society will one day collapse, but when it does, there’s no doubt that resources we routinely use in our everyday lives will become extremely hard to obtain. Grocery stores will no longer have their shelves stocked with food. Clean water will require much more than simply filling up a